Los Paisanos Meat Market

Pork Products

Tony with friend

Pig Roast

Pork baby backs
Pork ribs - extra thick, cut to any size
St. Louis ribs
Country style ribs
Rib tip
Boneless ribs
Pork kabobs
Ground pork
Pork for stewing
Pork cutlets
Pork tenderloin
Pork rib chops
Pork shoulder chops
Pork loin - bone-in

Pork loin - bone-out
Pork belly
Pork loin - bone-in fat-on
Pork shoulder - bone-in
Pork shoulder - bone-out skin on or off
Boston butts bone -in / bone-out
Pork pig feet - fresh or salted
Pork pig tail - fresh or salted
Pork neck bone - fresh or smoked
pork slat fat back
Fresh ham - bone in / bone out
Pork liver
Pork hearts

B.B.Q. Headquarters
All your B.B.Q. needs cut to your liking